June 21, 2024

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The star of the British series "Got Talent" is paralyzed while practicing TV acting |  showbiz

The star of the British series “Got Talent” is paralyzed while practicing TV acting | showbiz

His fiancée Amanda Abington said stuntman Jonathan Goodwin, 42, was paralyzed after suffering an accident and is now in a wheelchair. Goodwin narrowly escaped the accident during rehearsals for America’s Got Talent: Extreme last year. “His courage and strength are incredible,” his girlfriend says.

Amanda Abington said Goodwin, who appeared on the 2019 season of ‘British’s Got Talent’, now uses a wheelchair. His amazing actions consist in freeing himself from impossible situations. Goodwin had to escape a restrictive jacket for this act while hanging upside down nine meters in the air between two cars. Instead, Goodwin was crushed while the cars caught fire.

Goodwin fell thirty feet from the sky, lost a kidney, broke both shoulder blades and crushed both of his legs. “He also had third-degree burns, broke his spine, severed his spine and almost died,” his fiancée said. “While he was on the operating table, he almost died again.”

“positive person”

In recent years, Goodwin has appeared regularly on several acrobatic shows. In 2013, Daredevil got his own show on British television titled The Incredible Mr. Goodwin. The show featured a variety of stunts, from climbing skyscrapers to “severe planks”. In 2019, the Briton reached the final of ‘British’s Got Talent’ with a ‘Buried Alive’ trick.

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Amanda Abington, who is herself an actress, said Goodwin sent an audio message before the surgery saying there was a 50 percent chance he didn’t have it. He told her he loved her and thanked her for the last few months of his life with her.

Despite being paralyzed, Goodwin “remained very positive and cheerful,” says his fiancée. “His courage and strength is something I strive for. He is a very happy, positive person, just liquid sunshine.”

Below is a video of the accident. Pictures can be horrific.