November 29, 2022

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"The Tiger King Faced Joe Strange Betrothed To His Fellow Inmate" |  Famous

“The Tiger King Faced Joe Strange Betrothed To His Fellow Inmate” | Famous

FamousJoe Exotic (59), known from the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’, is engaged. That writes TMZ. The American site got some messages that Exotic met his new love John in prison.

The face of ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic has been in prison since 2020. The Exotic was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison after he hired two men to kill his archenemy Carol Baskin. This week it became clear that Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage, the real name of the Netflix star, wasn’t completely bored in prison. The stranger is said to have fallen in love with John Graham, his fellow prisoner.

No freak

Letters to Autumn Blackledge, Joe Exotic’s attorney, state that Exotic and Graham began dating shortly after they met. The two are said to have acted in a courteous manner for about a year. It is also said that the face of “Tiger King” was “madly in love” with his new love. Besides, that wouldn’t be a whim. From messages received by TMZ, it appears that the two have been engaged since August 2021. According to Joe Exotic, his fiancée is the opposite of her ex-husband Dillon Passage. The latter described the face of the “Tiger King” as “selfish and admired by the media.”

Joe has nothing but praise for his new love, John. The man is called “an old soul who does not seek media attention and loves to see it for what it really is.” According to TMZ, the couple is constantly talking and sending each other emails. In his words, Joe Exotic “has never experienced this kind of love before.”

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