October 3, 2022

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Totale waarde op Tron (TRX) stijgt met $2 miljard

The total value of TRON (TRX) increased by $2 billion

If you can clearly remember the collapse of the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem, you might also remember that there are symbols and networks relatively It held up well. TRON (TRX) is such a network. According to the data on the chain, the network has grown rapidly.

Tron grew quickly

This is evident from the data on the series from Davy Lama. assignment on the series The scale is called the Total Locked Value (TVL). This measures how much value is installed on the network in smart contracts Thus it is an important measure of activity and trust in a network. Tron’s TVL jumped from $3.9 billion in a few days to $5.87 billion in just a few days – an increase of 50%.

Dre TVL increased by protocols that live on the network you can see. JustLend (JST) It has the largest size. Additionally, TVL for this protocol has doubled to more than $3 billion in just one week. arithmetic stablecoin Just Stables (USDJ) From $950 million to $1.2 billion. The market value of the strike protocol UniFi I flipped over 13 times.

aAgree with the market value of Tron yourself sucks right now. All TRX tokens are worth 6.5 billion. The market capitalization of many cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply in recent months, but the value of TRX has remained relatively stable.

The controversy surrounding Tron and USDD

You’ve been in the news a lot lately. Tron fetch algorithm stablecoin USDD is out, but this one It looked suspicious like floor cabinets. When TerraUSD (UST) became unstable, USDD also erased its currency peg to the dollar Not keeping it for a while.

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Justin Sun is considered the founder of Tron by some analysts suspected of fraud. In fact, USDD will be used as a way to get rid of TRX coins without the price crashing. Thus both Tron and USDD could trigger a second Terra-like crash. The extent of the impact of such a collapse is, of course, debatable. Tron currently has a profile Market value of 6.5 billion dollarsand the total value of the US dollar is now 745 million dollars.