May 28, 2024

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American milk producers compensated for the corona loss

The United States exports more agricultural products and meat

The United States exported $ 49 billion worth of agricultural products in the first quarter of this year. As a result, the value of U.S. agricultural exports soared by more than 10 percent.

According to USDA Department of Agriculture statistics, this is once again heading towards a record year. Quarterly figures show that U.S. agricultural exports in the first three months were about $ 4.6 billion, or about 37 4.37 billion, higher than in the first quarter of last year.

For the whole of 2021 it ended with a record $ 177 billion and overseas sales of over 16 168 billion. Thanks to strong exports and strong export values, the United States is on track to break that record this year.

Soybeans and corn

Exports of soybeans and corn have risen sharply, largely due to strong sales to China. Meat exports from the United States were also strong, according to data from the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) and the American Meat Export Federation. Meat exports are driven by key markets such as South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, but are much stronger in China and major Latin American markets.

According to market analysts, US meat exports to the Middle East have recovered. 353,852 tonnes of beef worth $ 3 billion exported: over 85 2.85 billion. 6 percent increase in volume, but 41 percent in value.

China and Hong Kong jointly imported 62,237 tonnes of US beef worth $ 582.4 million: more than 554 million euros. This is an increase of 36% and 59% in value compared to the first quarter of 2021.

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