December 9, 2022

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The cost of a U.S. pilot's license for a failed flight transmission

The cost of a U.S. pilot’s license for a failed flight transmission

Two American stunt pilots have to surrender their pilot’s license for failing to change planes at an altitude of 4km. The FAA calls the stunt “irresponsible and unheard of” when a plane crashes and no one is injured. According to The New York Times, the commission fined one of the pilots for leaving the pilot’s seat during the flight.


Stunt pilots and paratroopers Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington performed a stunt in the US state of Arizona late last month. They were the only occupants of the Cessna 182, a small single-engine aircraft specially modified for stunts. At an altitude of 14,000 feet (over 4 km), the two set their planes in free fall before changing places of jumping.

The stunt failed somewhat as the plane spun and flew after Aikins jumped. So Stuntman Farrington failed to reach the plane and landed safely using his parachute. Pictures released by organizer Red Bull show how Aikins was able to take a seat in the cockpit of Farrington’s plane.

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The spinning plane crashed between Phoenix and Duson. Several days later, Aikins admitted on Instagram that the Air Transport Authority did not authorize him to do the stunt. Nevertheless, the stuntman decided to do the stunt without informing his team of the FAA’s decision.

Both will not only immediately lose their pilot’s license, but will also not be allowed to fly or skydive the drones. The FAA could impose a $ 1,644 fine on Aigins and Farrington each day for failing to hand over their pilot’s licenses. The New York Times on Thursday declined to comment on the couple’s news.

Last month, the FAA also revoked the pilot’s license U.S. YouTuber who deliberately crashed a plane late last yearThe paramedic, Trevor Jacob, behaved “irresponsibly” according to the Air Force.