July 24, 2024

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The Vintage Designer Clothing Boom: Fashion Designer Tiani Kirillov’s Golden Tips for Scoring Used Luxury Goods |  Nina

The Vintage Designer Clothing Boom: Fashion Designer Tiani Kirillov’s Golden Tips for Scoring Used Luxury Goods | Nina

Designer handbags and clothes come at a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there is a second-hand market, and it is thriving. Research shows that at least three times as many people are looking for vintage luxury products than in 2020. But how and where do you get the best items? Fashion designer, designer, fashion journalist and longtime junkie Tiani Kirillov shares her best advice. Be careful with platforms like Vinted.

Vivav Vintage! According to a new study by consulting firm BCG and the Vestiaire Collective, the second-hand market for luxury items like handbags from Chanel and Michael Kors, among others, is growing stronger than ever. Platforms offering used clothes are also growing in popularity. In France Vestiaire Collective is the largest, in Holland you have The Next Closet and in Germany you have Rebelle.

Vinted in particular rings a bell with us, though you can also go for pre-owned Labellov or Zalando, among others. “You have to be careful with platforms like Vinted,” warns journalist, stylist, and fashion designer Tiany Kiriloff. On Vinted you can find more than just designer clothes, and anyone can create an account. According to the fashion guru, you can quickly find “fakes”. “It’s not easy to find a real designer. So, if something feels too good to be real, it often is.”

Fashion houses are also involved

Well-known designer brands such as Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Isabel Marant, Michael Kors and Hugo Boss have already entered the flea market. American Michael Kors and Parisian label Isabel Marant launch their own platforms: Michael Kors Pre-Loved and Isabel Marant Vintage. With the latter, sellers can simply submit their items, after which they receive a coupon instantly.

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Chanel is on top, but Nike is also popular

The Vestiaire Collective, which participated in the research, has compiled the top five best-selling brands on its website. Chanel is number one, followed by Hermes, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior. Nike, Jacquemus and Polo Ralph Lauren will be the fastest growing brands compared to two years ago.

According to Tianni Kirillov, a Chanel bag is a great investment. Although, she says, you’ll have to search almost all used platforms and stores to get a good deal. “Even second-hand, original Chanel is still very expensive. The advantage is that even if it is an old Chanel designer bag, it will not lose its value.”


Thanks to social media, we are now communicating with designer brands faster and more.

Tianni Keriloff is a Belgian stylist, stylist and fashion journalist

Celebrities fuel popularity

Tiany has always had an affinity for designer brands. “I still remember saving for my first pair of Miu Mius as a 14-15 year old girl,” she says. “In the past, the range of used designer items was much smaller and therefore less popular. Especially hard to come by. But thanks to social media, we are now communicating with designer brands faster and more.”

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As a result, these luxury items are more popular today, according to her. “Nowadays, you also see one designer bag after another with celebrities like the Kardashians or Hailey Bieber. I think this means that many young women now want to have such a bag.”

Checking regularly pays off

Tiany itself doesn’t always opt for used luxury brands. “I’d rather save more to buy my dream designer bag.” She also usually goes to the designer store to try on. “I understand that this is not within everyone’s reach,” she says.

This is why she highly recommends buying used clothing or accessories. “Keep in mind that good things often pass quickly.” So, check the social media of the aforementioned sites regularly and turn on notifications for items you really want to get, that’s her advice.

The place to go for the best deals from a famous fashion guru? Labelov. “They have a wide reach and are very active online,” says Tiany.

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