March 4, 2024

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The Voice leader Jeroen Rietbergen flew to America.

The Voice leader Jeroen Rietbergen flew to America.


Jeroen Rittbergen, the ex-boyfriend of Linda de Mol, who was one of the main characters in BnnVara’s “Furious” documentary on “The Voice” yesterday, was going to travel to America. This is what De Telegraaf writes.

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On Friday, he was spotted and photographed by other travelers in Schiphol, as he was on a transatlantic flight.

Giron has not been seen since the riots around him, Ali B and Marco Borsato. He probably spent all those days with his family in Zeeland. He reportedly left Villa Linda before the weekend.

Rietbergen only commented on the case on Saturday. Through his spokesperson and attorney Peter Plasman, he then expressed his regret and told The Voice to quit his job. On Thursday, John de Mol said Rietbergen had already received a warning in 2019, but it had not been launched at the time.

Rietbergen wanted to leave it in his previous statement on Thursday and appeared to be intent on remaining silent, now that he set foot on US soil on Friday afternoon local time.

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