December 7, 2023

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The death of a popular singer after he was consciously infected with Corona

The death of a popular singer after he was consciously infected with Corona

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Hana Horka, the Czech singer who was part of the popular band Asonance, has died at the age of 57 due to the effects of Covid-19. Her son said that Houraka, who had not been vaccinated, had been deliberately infected with the disease.

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When her son Jan-Ric and her husband contracted the coronavirus over the Christmas holidays, Hannah usually had to self-isolate from them for a week. “But she didn’t, she stayed with us the whole time,” her son testified. BBC News. She preferred to expose herself to the virus even though she had not been vaccinated. Then you will be done, she said. It can again move more freely on the ground (In the Czech Republic, proof of vaccination or recent infection is required to access many social and cultural venues, ed.).

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Two days before her death, Horka wrote on social media that she is recovering from Covid-19 and is in good health. “Soon, I finally returned to the theater, to the sauna, to concerts …” she wrote.

Back pain

Even on the day of her death, Sunday morning, she was still feeling better at first. She was getting ready to go for a walk, but suddenly her back started to hurt and she decided to go to bed for a while. After about ten minutes it was all over, her son said. Choked.

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Although Horka – unlike her husband and son – has not been vaccinated, she did not believe in conspiracy theories surrounding vaccines, says her son, who is now trying to persuade others to vaccinate against the virus. “Her philosophy was that she’d rather have Covid-19 than have an injection,” he says. “This has now become a killer for her.”