February 6, 2023

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Theorycraft games welcome two big names

While the developers are still working on their first title, a mysterious multiplayer title codenamed Loki, which is said to have a duration of 10,000 hours, developer Theorycraft Games regularly attracts big names. Again today, with the addition of Andrew Yip and Kevin Le Moine.

If you’re like the average player, these names won’t tell you anything. Aside from the big names like Cliffy B, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Shinji Mikami, developers are usually something players don’t really care about. However, their careers speak for themselves.

Starting with Andrew. He was the Director of Games at Riot Games and is the one we owe the digital version of Legends of Runeterra to. His experience with both multiplayer titles and strategy game design is what made him so attractive to Theorycraft, which is trying to get the most out of all of its employees.

“I have come to Theorycraft Games not only to work with a small team of highly motivated individuals, but to work with the specific skills of that team,” Yip wrote in an email to GameQuarter. “In Theorycraft, seeing everyone is part of the whole and I can actually see that in Loki’s stage tests. The feel of the game and the polish bothered my socks, especially considering that the game has only been in development for a year. I can’t wait to see how players’ actions will affect some of them.” some and the world.”

Le Moigne also belongs to League of Legends, but not with its games. He has been the matte technical supervisor and illustrator of Arcane, the highly successful Netflix series in that universe. “Since childhood I have been fascinated by the deep worlds that can only be achieved in games,” he wrote in the same email as Yip. “This is the first time I have been able to help build something from scratch and with an experienced technical team. Mixing genres like this ignited my imagination and I am excited to work with them to fully realize the world of Loki.”

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Of course it was Theorycraft Games that made the effort to bring in these gentlemen, and Jo Tong, its CEO, makes no secret of how pleased he is with the success of this. “At Theorycraft Games, we are a team of creators who have not only helped create some of the best works in their midst, but have championed their favorite elements. Together, we combine our professional strength and personal love of different genres to create something completely new with Loki. Andrew’s knowledge of systems will help us. Deep gameplay and Kévin’s ability to resurrect fantastic worlds move forward with Loki making for the rewarding and imaginative experience we envisioned from the start.”