February 21, 2024

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There is another sale for the Nintendo eShop

There is another sale for the Nintendo eShop

It’s starting to get back to normal though; Sell ​​on the Nintendo Online Store. Over 1,000 games on offer until October 2nd. This time it’s mainly about indie games. To help you on your way, I’ll share some of my recommendations. Although of course I hope you have already played all these standalone titles.


Publisher Playdead has with inside Another great piece of gameplay has been delivered. The game has been out for a while, but it’s definitely worth checking out. The mysterious story, in which experiments are carried out on people, is beautifully depicted. You can have an immersive adventure backed by beautiful music during this sale for only €2 (it was €20).


If you haven’t purchased this game(s) yet, here’s another opportunity. In fact, these games are always on sale at a discount, but this time the mass version is at a very good price. In another article I will go back to these games separately, because there are quite a few different versions. Now I would like Overcooked: I recommend all you can eat if you don’t own any game yet.

Kingdom Hearts

I was enjoying these games. Even though I was on PlayStation 2, I was pleasantly surprised at Square Enix the games Also brought to the Nintendo Switch. In games you fight dark evil. Fortunately, you can count on help from all kinds of Disney characters, such as Mickey, Donald, Jack Sparrow, Ariel, Hercules and so on. The complete series (a complete mystery by the way) is now on sale from €100 to €70. These are the cloud versions, so a good internet connection is required.

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Some of the most honorable mentions

I’d rather go through all 1000’s of shows with you, but that probably won’t make you happy either. The above games are really worth checking out, but there are many others that I haven’t mentioned right now. I’m thinking of twelve minutes (with oddly good voice actors), a lot My voice Toys I’m Setsuna. What games did you buy or are you going to buy during this sale period?