July 20, 2024

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This could cause BTC to rise to 0,000

This could cause BTC to rise to $250,000

Well-known venture capitalist and billionaire Tim Draper was recently in a Interview with Bloomberg Explain what he thinks could cause a share price bitcoin (BTC) will rise to an astronomical high of $250,000, which is a whopping 1400% increase.

Bitcoin to $250,000

Malak path Digital currencies According to Draper, it will really take off like a rocket when you can start using cryptocurrency to pay for everyday goods. Once you can pay for your food, clothes, and accommodation with BTC, it’s not surprising, according to Draper, that you can expect to Bitcoin price Nice things to show.

This also relates to the fact that it is mainly women who spend money in stores. Draper states that women account for up to 80% of all retail spending. The moment when this group of women begins to see the benefits of being paid in bitcoin is the most important catalyst for a massive increase in bitcoins for Tim Draper.

Women and Bitcoin

“The reason it will be $250,000 and maybe more is because you can buy your own food, clothes and accommodation in Bitcoin. Here are the stats I know: Women control 80% of retail spending. And that is usually food, clothing and shelter. And when women realize they can get a discount from During Bitcoin payments, when retailers realize that they can double their profits by accepting Bitcoin, things will move very quickly.”

It remains to be seen if bitcoin will actually be widely used as a means of payment in everyday life. For example, the so-called Lightning Network sits on top of the Bitcoin network. This is the Layer 2 A large scale solution that makes conducting transactions much easier. using this Lightning Network It has shown significant growth in recent years.

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