July 24, 2024

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This is how you find your lost smartphone

This is how you find your lost smartphone

Don’t remember where you left your phone? Have you not installed a tracking app? do not worry. As long as your phone still has power, you will be able to track it down.

Thanks to this functionality built into Android, you will never have to lose your phone.

Step 1 / Research

Android now has Find My Device built in, which is suitable for more than just your phone. what do you need? A computer, another Android smartphone or tablet, and your Google login details. We’ll cover the website here, but the Google Find My Device app has the same capabilities. If you go to https://www.google.com/android/find and sign in with your Google account, you will see all devices listed in the top left. Not only is your smartphone displayed, but so are connected accessories, such as earphones and smartwatches. Tap on one and you will see where the device is located. You now have three options.

Listen to find your devices.

Step 2 / Play the sound

Is your device somewhere at home and you can’t find it? This is a great way to make your search easier. With this function, your smartphone, tablet or accessory beeps repeatedly for five minutes, which you can track by ear. The following applies to all of these functions: Your device must be turned on and connected to the Internet.

Hoping to find an honest finder.

Step 3 / Secure the device

With this functionality, you can put an extra layer of security on your lost smartphone, tablet, or Chromebook. Whoever finds your device will see a personal message, backed up by an optional phone number at which you can be reached. In addition, you sign out of your Google Account, so your personal data (associated with your Google Account) cannot be used. Your device can still be tracked using Find My Device.

the final destination.

Step 4 / Erase the device

This is the toughest step. This will delete all data on your device, if the device is still online. If not, the data will be deleted as soon as it occurs again. This ensures your privacy, but you no longer have the option to track your device. So this is really the last option.