February 2, 2023

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This Will Change December 1: From New Rules on Meal Stamps to Expansion of Reimbursed Care for COVID Lung Patients |  internal

This Will Change December 1: From New Rules on Meal Stamps to Expansion of Reimbursed Care for COVID Lung Patients | internal

A new month is approaching. It comes with new rules. For example, expired meal coupons can be reactivated for three months. Covid-pulmonary patients are also compensated for neuropsychiatric care. This is new as of December 1.

Reactivation of meal vouchers

Starting December 1, employees who receive meal vouchers, eco-vouchers and/or consumption vouchers can, within three months of the expiration date, request that their expired copies be reactivated for an additional period of three months.

The new law is an extension of initiatives already taken by issuers (Edenred, Monizze and Sodexo) in consultation with the National Labor Council (CNT) and the Social Security FPS.

The reactivation procedure is available on the websites of different publishers.

Reimbursement of neuropsychiatric care costs for patients with COVID-19

Since this summer, COVID-lung patients can count on a personalized care process, as their general practitioner and other healthcare providers create a treatment plan. Within this process, physiotherapy, speech therapy, and psychological care have already been reimbursed, and may be supplemented by occupational therapy and therapy by a nutritionist.

Going forward, neuropsychiatric care is also eligible for reimbursement. Many patients with long-term symptoms of corona suffer from concentration, memory loss, and other cognitive problems. Second-class occupational therapy, for example in hospitals, can also be compensated from now on.

Keytrade Bank increases interest on savings books

Keytrade Bank is increasing interest on my savings account on December 1st. Internet bank customers can get up to 1% interest. This is a huge interest rate increase: the Azur savings account will go from 0.01% base interest and 0.10% fulfillment premium to 0.50 and 0.20%. The second booklet, the High Fidelity account, will earn 0.30 percent base interest and 0.70 percent fidelity bonus from next month, versus 0.01 and 0.15 percent currently.

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Keytrade Bank, which has more than 300,000 customers, is the first of the large banks in Belgium to raise interest rates sharply. Smaller specialty banks such as Santander Consumer Bank, NIBC Direct, CKV, and MeDirect preceded the bank. For now, the major banks will stick to the statutory minimum interest rate of 0.11%.

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Partial budgets for more than a thousand disabled people

The Flemish government wants to give all persons with disabilities in priority group 1 – the group with the most urgent needs – a personal budget within 18 months. With this budget – the government allocates a combined €107 million – people with disabilities can buy their own care and support.

In addition to this effort for priority group 1, the government is also providing €20 million for people in priority group 2. Starting this month, the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities (VAPH) will give 1,100 people – a quarter of the people in that priority group – pending a raise The full budget is already reduced by half. With this they can already meet part of their care needs.

VAPH indicates that people are not obligated to accept half of their budget. Anyone who accepts a partial budget does not forfeit the right to allocate the full budget later.