April 21, 2024

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Thomas 'Huuge' and Bart Cannaerts debut moment...

Thomas ‘Huuge’ and Bart Cannaerts debut moment…

Lisbeth Embo, journalist and presenter the seventh day, made it instantly exciting in the first episode. Although she had no idea. On top of that, last-minute guest host Bart Kanerts orientated himself seamlessly through the episode, though Levin Shire and Thomas Hogg provided the funniest moments.

Desmytere Road

Last night’s winner:

Newcomer Lisbeth Embo, though she was close. She frantically tried to come up with the politician’s name Verl Herren that she forgot her seconds were ticking. She won by one second.


After entering twice, Flo and Wendy must leave the game. She had 19 seconds at the end of a thrilling final, and Anthony Nate still had two. But he knew Bert was one of the main characters on Sesame Street and played it right in her own right.

Tonight’s newcomer:

Open the head of the VLD Egbert Lachert.

Best quotes:

Barbara Sarafyan, about absence Eric Van Lowe: “Shouldn’t we send him a basket of fruits?”

Bart Kanerts: “Eric does not eat fruit.”

Sarafian: “A prepared basket, then?”


beavers To the jury: “What do you expect from me?”

Jan Jaap van der Waal: “Have you prepared?”

Arches: “I didn’t brush my teeth this morning to make the transition less intense.”

Bart Kanerts appeared as a presenter yesterday. “I didn’t brush my teeth to make the transition less severe.” © Play4

The most beautiful moment:

Formerly “smart person” Levin Scheer thought it a shame that attention was always focused on the test winners, not the finalists. “Take Thomas now…was Hughes?” Thomas Hoegg stepped into the picture. Shire Rahim allowed him to ask a question. It sounded like, “This is your moment.” To any straight-faced Huyghe: “What do you know about Lieven Scheire?”

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