June 9, 2023

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Tips for preventing and removing weeds in the garden

It’s spring again. It’s been great for plants lately. It was mostly humid and temperatures rose nicely in the meantime. In addition, the sun showed itself more and more. Not only did this ensure that the plants started growing well again, but also that the weather turned out to be a real lawn weather. There’s a good chance you’ve already discovered your first long blades. Most people don’t really expect this. Not only do weeds make a garden look less beautiful, but they can also be hazards for plants you want to keep. However, you cannot completely prevent it and its removal is also important. So here are some tips to help you with that.


Do you want Weed control And also prevent it from growing back quickly? Thus, herbicides are more effective. Keep in mind that some products can be harmful to the environment and plants in the garden. Fortunately, there are also many products available nowadays where this is not the case. Therefore, it is wise to pay attention to this.

A good way to control weeds while harming the environment as little as possible is to use a gas stove. Some people also swear by the remedies they simply have at home. Be careful with household products such as chlorine, as you would rather not have them in the garden. Don’t have anything at home and still want to get started? Boiling water often does a lot. You can then use garden tools to quickly remove weeds between the tiles or lawn.

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Take action immediately

There are people who prefer to work in the garden all day, but there are also people who consider this a necessary evil. It can be very tempting to wait a little longer. But the longer you wait, the faster the weeds will spread. That is why it is important to take immediate action at the first photo session. This will prevent the weeds from getting too big. With the current weather conditions this can happen very quickly, so don’t wait too long.

Good ground cover

Weeds need space to grow. There must be light and it must be moist. If these elements are missing, it will propagate at a slower speed or not at all. This is why it is wise to look for a good ground cover. Garden path chips or cocoa husks are good examples.

Do you mainly have tiles in the garden? Then weeds usually appear between the tiles. You can prevent this by padding them properly. There is a special plaster that makes it impossible for weeds to grow further.

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