December 8, 2023

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Turmoil in 'K2 looking for K3' after a letter from the jury during...

Turmoil in ‘K2 looking for K3’ after a letter from the jury during…


Bad news for the candidates K2 looking for K3Because during the last training camp next Saturday, the participants will not hear any good news. It’s not Ingeborg or Natalia that bring the hard message, but Dutch singer and presenter Gordon. His words caused an uproar again.

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After the fifteen boys and girls survive the auditions, they are allowed to go to a training camp together. There the nominees will hear the latest song from K3 for the first time. He’ll be allowed to sing in one of them with Martha.

But the fun soon reaches its climax, because the risk of elimination is already in the corner. As the nominees prepare to watch the K3 show together, the jury follows an uncompromising message.

“No one is sure”

“We’ll be back soon ambetantric hangs out. Because in the next three days no one is sure of his place in the studio performances. Nobody,” says Natalia.

For some of you, the end of the bootcamp will also be the end K2 looking for K3Gordon’s dramatic words.


Candidates’ reactions speak volumes. “This is the first unexpected turn of the program,” Babbitt replies. “This will scare you.” Then Jemima was so shocked that she fell to the ground.

Hence the real work is yet to come. Candidates must quickly master vocals and choreography for the new song. For some, the nerves are especially high. Especially when it turns out that the candidates still have a “show moment” and have to give an exclusive performance to their family and friends.

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Two more candidates for Antwerp

Of the last fifteen candidates, two are still from Antwerp: Gianna from Hoevenen and Cato from Antwerp, from SHIELD. Wait and see if they also move on to the big studio shows next week.

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“K2 Looking for K3”, Saturday 20.30pm on VTM