December 7, 2023

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'Put those messages where the sun doesn't shine': Drama between Little Mix and ex-member Jesy after 'blackfishing' |  showbiz

‘Put those messages where the sun doesn’t shine’: Drama between Little Mix and ex-member Jesy after ‘blackfishing’ | showbiz

FamousThey once seemed like best friends, but in recent days there have been a lot of cracks in the facade put up by British girl group Little Mix. Rumors about black hunting, leaked private messages and a departure suddenly appeared to the remaining band members: everything is not so beautiful. “That sounds like a personal attack.”

Let’s understand the facts. British girl group Little Mix – which consists of Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Lee Ann Pinnock and Jesse Nelson – formed in 2011 during the TV show The X Factor, which they also won. The girls had several hit songs, including “Shout Out To My Ex” and “Wings”. But in December 2020, Jesse announced that she was leaving the band because she was battling depression and all the pressure and outside criticism had become too much for her.

black hunting

Last week, Jesse’s first solo single, Boyz, which she recorded with Nicki Minaj, was released. However, the accompanying music video can draw on a lot of criticism. The video shows how Jesse (white) has a somewhat unnatural dark complexion and that she wears wigs and braids her hair. As a result, she has been accused of black poaching: a phenomenon in which a white woman attempts to impersonate a black woman. Kardashian is also regularly accused of this.

When criticism surfaced, Jesse immediately apologized. “I take all of these comments very seriously,” she said. “I wouldn’t consciously do anything to question the color of my skin.” She continued, “It was never my intention to insult people of color with this music video. That’s what I grew up with. In my opinion, R&B from the ’90s and 2000s is the best period for music. I wanted to party. It hurts me that I hurt people.” She added: I want people to know I wasn’t wearing a self-tanner in the video. I’ve just been to Antigua for three weeks before, and I’m very lucky because I’m a white girl that gets very dark when I sunbathe. Lee Ann said again, “Are you sure you’re not Of mixed ancestry, because you get darker than I do in the sun.” I also have naturally curly hair. I’ve always had that. I just wanted a wig with the same texture as my hair. And I honestly never thought this was wrong.”

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Lee Ann Pinnock’s Alleged Letters © RV

big clown

You thought that was the end of it. But soon, screenshots of a conversation the Little Mix member had with influencer NoHun surfaced on social media. He asked his followers on TikTok if he should dance to Jesy’s new song, Boyz. Lee Ann was said to have responded, “No. Instead, make a video about how she’s a ‘black fish’. She blocked us. She’s a horrible person.” Painful messages, although it should be noted that the messages have not been proven to be genuine.

During a live broadcast with Jesy and Nicki Minaj, the latter criticized Leigh-Anne and the other members of Little Mix. She described the singer as “the great clown,” among other things. “There are a lot of women here in the States who use self-tanners, who get bigger lips and mess with them. Whenever I want, I wear long blonde hair up to my feet, or contact lenses. I do whatever I want. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or Talking negatively about someone’s race or culture, you can enjoy your makeup and body as much as you want.Why didn’t they say anything when Jesse was still in the band? Suddenly, Jesse is no longer in the band, and they have to say something about her, “Continue Nikki.” Take those damn messages and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. Don’t come attack her. Only jealous people do this. He yells with uncertainty, you’re jealous. I love you (Nicki Minaj already recorded a song with the whole band, “Woman Like Me”), but… Please don’t do this.”

The three remaining members of Little Mix: Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne

The three remaining members of Little Mix: Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne © Photo News

A source said, “What should have been a positive and happy event has been overshadowed by what appears to be a personal attack against Jesse.” Her friends and family tell her how she is doing every day. She is not looking for excuses, because Jesse realizes that she still has a lot to do and has to learn, and therefore takes full responsibility. It was a tough lesson, but she wants to keep learning and growing, so she understands why I need to talk about this.”

through lawyers

Since Jesse left the band in December, she has barely been in contact with the other three women. “I’ve never talked to girls again,” she told Glamor magazine. “It’s crazy because for years we’ve been close like sisters. We’ve been together every hour of the day, for weeks on end, sharing the family and crying and laughing. And then….no more.” Although that might also have to do with the way Jesse left. A source told MailOnline that she did not inform her colleagues of her decision. “Jesse created this script herself. She left the band without notifying the girls or management directly. They had to find out the news through her lawyer. They supported and protected her for ten years, so it affected her badly.”

Jesse and the members of Little Mix have yet to comment on all the drama.

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