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Two new tears leak after the Golden Ticket: This was the second studio show for 'K2 Looking for K3' |  TV

Two new tears leak after the Golden Ticket: This was the second studio show for ‘K2 Looking for K3’ | TV

TVAfter the excitement First show last week The 10 remaining candidates for ‘K2 Looking for K3’ tonight were all ready for the sequel. During the second studio show, there was again a lot of impressive work on the schedule, although some talent had to say goodbye again. Who had to go home? And who got a ticket for the next round?

During the second studio show, there were still seven gold seats divided among the ten nominees. The nominees were made possible by bringing together as many stars as possible from the jury members Gerdt Verhulst, Gordon Ingeborg, Natalia and Samantha and from the studio’s 100-person general jury. They had to award 500 stars to each candidate. Whoever achieved the most stars, was allowed to sit in one of the most prestigious golden seats. The three candidates who got fewer stars saw their dream shattered instantly. Or is someone still caught with Han and Martha’s golden ticket?

Judge for yourself how did the candidates perform? You can re-watch all the shows below:

The remaining ten nominees gave a great opening performance with “Filmster”. And with that, the evening set the tone instantly, because everyone had a hit from a K3 movie or a musical. Astonishing result!

To shine the second studio show Luca Elegantly dressed with slightly modified “Where Are Die Engeltjes” from the movie “K3 Bengeltjes”. Did anyone listen to his prayers and did he survive this round as well?

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Justin He performed the song “Believe In Yourself” from the musical “Alice in Wonderland”. Together with the colorful K3 ballerina, she did her best. Was she able to hide her West Flemish accent and was it better than last week?

Diede finished after his first studio show on the first golden seat. But can she also live up to this favorite role this time around? You definitely tried it out with a beautiful version of “Love Is Everywhere” from the movie “K3 Love Cruise.”

Julia already promised: she will play the role of the monster during the second studio presentation. Then she actually chose the right song with “Loko Le” from “K3 Dierenhotel”: It was Hanne and Marthe’s Golden Ticket. Was she singing on a golden seat now?

At the second studio show, Chanel brought “Niet Normaal” from the movie “K3 Bengeltjes.” It seemed that the judges did not like it at all, and Natalia even questioned whether she liked the competition. I hope the jury gave her the benefit of the doubt…

Dressed as a cute pig, Amy performed “The Three Pigs” from the K3 musical of the same name. Together with the other animals in the K3 ballet, she rocked the stage. But were the jury and audience also impressed with her version?

It’s been clear for some time that Kato has a tough side. But with song Amor from the K3 musical De Drie Biggetjes, she also showed her sensitive side. Could this version of Kato please the audience and the jury, too?

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Celeste performed the cheerful and romantic song “Marrying” from the movie “K3 and Ice Princess”. Did her dreams really come true or was there no room for her in the next studio show? Gordon was definitely a fan…

Manu in turn performed “Dance Van De Pharaoh” from the latest K3 movie. With her best dance moves she tried to conquer a place in the golden seats. successfully?

Remy performed the Conjure song from the musical Sleeping Beauty. Could he bring himself to the golden seat with this amazing performance? Anyway, he summoned Gianna back for a while…

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