July 22, 2024

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Joost Klein debuted in fifth place – Songfestival.be

Joost Klein debuted in fifth place – Songfestival.be

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 organization has released the running order for the 68th final of the International Song Contest. Since 2013, this has been determined by the producers and not by a random lottery.

This year, candidates from qualifying countries were given three options to plot their place in the final: The first half, the second half, and so on Product selectionwhere the production can still decide for itself where the country in question will be included in the show’s programme.

Based on this lottery, and With different ones Graduation of countries taken into account Since some countries need more time to prepare the stage, the official operating order has been compiled below.

The fate of the host country remains to be determined. It was previously known that Marcus and Martinus would start the final. The honor of being last place this year goes to Kalin from Austria on Saturday night.

Favorites such as Switzerland, Croatia and France are all at the back of the showWhile Jost Klein (picture) Relatively early Urubaba may bring. He does this after Luxembourg’s Tali and before Israel’s Eden Golan.

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