December 1, 2022

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Two out of two: the Belgian Lions make a perfect start at the 3x3 World Cup in Antwerp |  Basketball World Cup 3x3

Two out of two: the Belgian Lions make a perfect start at the 3×3 World Cup in Antwerp | Basketball World Cup 3×3

The Belgian Lions did what they had to do on the first day of the World Cup in their country: win twice. After beating Slovenia in their opening match, the Belgian men also beat Egypt on Tuesday night.

The World Cup in our country, supported by the enthusiastic crowd at the Groenplaats in Antwerp, seemed to cause a bit of tension against Egypt at the start of the match.

Thanks to the conductor of the orchestra Mido, the Egyptian marched abruptly, but the Belgian men quickly nibbled the Egyptian hopes in the bud.

The Lions didn’t need a Vervoort recorder for that. After his impressive performance against Slovenia (13 points), he presented a relatively calm match. Newcomer Maxime Depuydt this time was in the role of Destiny.

A favorite over the regular Bogarts in Belgium’s World Cup selection, Dipudt has proven his place in this team. With 10 points, 3 of which were two shooters, he led the Lions to an easy victory: 21-12.

A perfect start for the Belgians, who can now enjoy a day of rest. They will be back to work on Thursday. Then the most difficult tasks await in this group with the United States and Austria. The winner of the group goes straight to the quarter-finals, and the numbers 2 and 3 go to the 1/8 finals.

Celes: “We definitely want the group to win”

“We do what we have to do, even if it’s a tough match, against a strange opponent,” Nick Seles said. “Egypt did all kinds of weird things, but we stayed calm and Maxim saved us two shooters for him.”

“His first match wasn’t bad and now his tension has eased up a bit. And then you see he helps us with those open shots. It’s not an easy situation, not even for him. Able to show that’s a plus.”

“Next round? I think there will be another victory over the two best teams on paper, the USA and Austria. We definitely want to win the group, so we certainly won’t slacken. We lost confidence today.”

Siles thoroughly enjoyed his first two matches in Antwerp ‘which he represents’. “It was amazing,” he says with sparkling eyes. “It’s great to see all of those standing full and we can try that with 3×3 in Belgium.”

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