July 18, 2024

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UBPorts Foundation: Demand for Ubuntu Touch for Smartphones Grows

More and more Dutch people are looking for alternatives to apps from Android and iOS on their smartphones, with which they don’t have to share data or pay money directly or indirectly to Apple or Google. This reports the UBPorts Foundation, which indicates an increasing number of questions about the availability and operation of the alternative operating system for mobile phones.

With the Linux-based Ubuntu Touch operating system, UBPorts provides an open source, standalone mobile operating system as an alternative to Android and iOS. Recent reports about Alexander Klopping’s new foundation also underscore the need among smartphone users, says UBPorts.

Concerns about the monopoly of Google and Apple

An increasing number of concerned organizations and individuals are asking questions about their privacy and their reliance on the Google and Apple duopoly. UBPorts flagged this development years ago and wants to give smartphone users more freedom of choice. Ubuntu Touch, like Android and iOS, is a mobile operating system. But unlike Google and Apple – which together now control about 99% of the market – it is completely open source, allowing the community working on the software to set their own rules in a secure manner.

UBPorts believes in an open, transparent, and secure world in which you can choose your mobile operating system, no matter what hardware you use. After that, the organization also develops free applications that do not require payment of technology tax, as is the case with Google and Apple. There are now 1,200 apps in their App Store. Since Ubuntu Touch grew out of the conviction that consumers should have freedom of choice in their smartphone operating system, they do not create a user profile. The apps also do not collect data for marketing purposes.

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Ubuntu Touch supports different models of smartphones and tablets. The goal is to increase the number of devices with Ubuntu Touch pre-installed in the coming period. Their goal is to have a large number of global users of Ubuntu Touch by 2026.

Choose a standalone operating system

Ubuntu Touch currently supports sixty different types of phones; There is, among other things, cooperation with the German manufacturer Volla, where the system works as standard. Customers who have already chosen Ubuntu Touch should be willing to invest some time; Some functionality is still under development to ensure audience can switch as well.

on the site Devices .ubuntu-touch.io Users can see which smartphones support Ubuntu Touch. You can then install Ubuntu Touch online via the “Ubports Installer” (it can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux via this link). When the installer is active, the smartphone can be connected via USB and the on-screen instructions can be continued.