October 4, 2023

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Ukraine lives.  ‘Repelling a Russian Air Raid on Kiev’ – Ukraine Mobilizes More Men |  outside

Ukraine lives. ‘Repelling a Russian Air Raid on Kiev’ – Ukraine Mobilizes More Men | outside


The air raid on the outskirts of Kiev was repulsed

Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses repelled a Russian air strike on the outskirts of Kiev on Sunday morning. And the news agency “Reuters” reported this, based on a message on a telegram from the staff of the Ukrainian army in the capital.

The governor of Cherkassy, ​​Ihor Taboriz, also wrote on his Telegram channel that air defenses have been activated in the central Ukrainian lands. No information was initially available about damage or casualties. The information could not be independently verified.


Ukraine intends to call in more men to fight against the Russians

Ukraine expects further mobilization to fight against the Russian invasion forces. However, the mobilization will not exceed the provisions stipulated at the beginning of the war last year.

Kiev stresses that there is no question of unplanned action. The mobilization has been going on for a year and a half. “There is no need for this fuss. Everything is going according to plan that we are currently following,” a senior official said.

After the Russian invasion, martial law was declared. Therefore all men between the ages of eighteen and sixty are required to do their national service if called up. There are exceptions, for example, regarding health or unmarried parents. It is not known how many people have been summoned yet, but last year there were already hundreds of thousands.

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