March 2, 2024

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Ukrainian intelligence eliminates the “dissident” in the lion’s den: “Fate awaits every traitor” |  Ukraine-Russia war

Ukrainian intelligence eliminates the “dissident” in the lion’s den: “Fate awaits every traitor” | Ukraine-Russia war

Ukrainian intelligence eliminated former Ukrainian parliamentarian Ilya Kivui in Moscow. This was reported by the Ukrainian Public Broadcasting Corporation. The man was a supporter of the Russian invasion of his country, and he was wanted internationally at the request of the Ukrainian judiciary. He was shot.

Ukrainian military intelligence confirmed that the liquidation took place during a special operation. Kivwe has been called a “traitor, dissident and propagandist.”

Emergency services told Russian news agency RIA Novosti that Kivoy’s body was found in the village of Soponevo in the Odintsovo region near Moscow.


Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Andriy Yusov said afterwards: “The fate of Ilya Kivu awaits every traitor to Ukraine.” “Just like anyone trying to curry favor with the Putin regime.” He also stated that “justice comes in different forms.”

Kivui was a member of the pro-Russian and Eurosceptic “Opposition Platform – For Life” party in Ukraine. Although the party explicitly condemned the Russian invasion, it was banned by the Ukrainian judiciary.

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Kivwe himself did not condemn the invasion. On the day of the raid, he said on Russian state television that Ukraine had been “enslaved and subjugated” by the West, was imbued with Nazi ideas and that the country had “no future.” He said that the Ukrainian people needed to be “liberated.”

The Ukrainian Parliament stripped him of his powers and the judiciary tried him on charges of treason, calling for war, using symbols of the communist regime, and incitement to overthrow the constitutional order.

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He was sentenced to fourteen years in prison and all his property confiscated. Kivui then wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin asking him to grant him political asylum and Russian citizenship.

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