September 21, 2023

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UN: “Most deaths in Libya could have been avoided with warning and evacuation.”

UN: “Most deaths in Libya could have been avoided with warning and evacuation.”

Many countries have now offered or sent assistance. The State of Qatar It has already sent two planes carrying materials for a field hospital, water pumps, tents and blankets to Benghazi. Also from The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait And Algeria Tons of relief materials, food parcels and medicines are leaving. turkey And Tunisia They also sent rescue teams with helicopters, boats and drones. Italy Army, firefighting and civil protection forces were sent to the scene.

Emergency fund in United nations Disbursing $10 million in aid to Libya. Emergency teams are heading to the scene of the accident, and the World Food Program is distributing food parcels to displaced families. The World Health Organization, which is also part of the United Nations, has allocated $2 billion from its emergency fund to support flood victims. “Their health needs have become more urgent,” she added.

the European Union It will initially release 500,000 euros. Germany, Romania, Finland, Spain And France They are sending emergency tents, field hospitals, camp beds, blankets, power generators, and food and water tanks. He. She United kingdom Releases £1 million. There is close cooperation with relief organizations on the ground.

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