September 21, 2023

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Unstoppable Remco Evenepoel fills his basket in third stage victory, guiding Jumbo-Visma perfect red Sepp Kus to the finish |  Trip to Spain 2023

Unstoppable Remco Evenepoel fills his basket in third stage victory, guiding Jumbo-Visma perfect red Sepp Kus to the finish | Trip to Spain 2023

Vuelta a España: Stage 18

Road racing Road racingsunny 23Celsiusdistance 178.9 how much
location 12:56: Paula de Alande – 5:30 pm: Puerto de la Cruz de Linares



Remco Evenepoel (Soudal-Quick Step) gave his Vuelta extra color with his third stage win. Evenepoel, also certain of the mountains classification, abandoned the last of his escaped companions 29 kilometers from the finish. In the final grueling finish of this Tour of Spain, Jonas Wenggaard and Primoz Roglic proved themselves as exemplary team-mates: good leaders did not embarrass their servant and super-captain. So final victory is on the horizon for Sepp Kos.

  1. 17 hours 56.17 seconds. The eight-second bonus became 17 for Kos. Sounds good to Americans. .
  2. 5:55 PM It’s not time yet, you have two words to say. Kuss is one major stage away from a final victory in Madrid. Renate Shuti.
  3. 5:54 PM Cos exists. In the wheel of Ayuso and Mas, Kos is the first to cross the finish line from the Jumbo leaders at 9:29 from Evenpoel. Roglic follows after a second, leaving Vinggaard a little more space. .
  4. 17:52 Ayuso and Mas try to make some progress in the final metres, but Kos no longer gives the Spaniards any space. .
  5. 17:52 Like a typical teammate, Vingegaard takes the lead again for Kuss. The American will win the Vuelta with the approval of the Tour and Giro winner. .
  6. The last kilometre. Ayuso tries to escape under the cloth. Kos reacts immediately, and Vinggard and Roglic remain seated. . 5:51 pm
  7. 5:50 PM: Kos addresses Roglic and Vinggard. The last kilometer is in sight. Things could hardly get worse for Americans. .
  8. 5:49 PM He’s finally gotten over the Cron Ball. The Dane is third, and the Briton is fourth. .
  9. 17 hours 48. In about 5 minutes Caruso took second place in the stage results. The Italian is very happy about that. .
  10. 5:48 PM Another 2 km. The six of us, the three Jumbos and the three Spaniards, dive in the last two kilometres. Is there anything else coming? .
  11. 5:48 PM Who is in charge here? “Vingegaard decides who will win the Vuelta”.

    Who is in charge here? “Vingegaard decides who will win the Vuelta”

  12. 5:47 PM The atmosphere is almost tense because nothing is happening. Renate Shuti.
  13. 5:47 PM What are the three Spaniards still doing? Landa, Ayuso and Mas on the napkin in the world rankings. .
  14. 5:46 PM The group with Kos is 3 km from the summit. This means that the hardest part of the climb is over. .
  15. 5:44pm: Wenggaard and Roglic remain in the mix for now. Still 6 people strong. .
  16. 17 hours 44. It’s not what he expected, but Evenepoel still handed out some calling cards with his stage victories at the Vuelta. Renate Shuti.
  17. 17 hours 44. Evenpoel took a solo third stage win at the Vuelta.

    Evenepoel took a solo third stage win at the Vuelta

  18. At 5:43 PM the game ended
  19. 5:42 PM Landa again! There Landa goes again and again, Ayuso is the one who responds first. Vengegard, Roglic and Kos return with their stocked feet. .

Vuelta a España

Riding date Start – End Ride type the total winner leader


26/08 Barcelona-Barcelona

14.8 km

Lorenzo Milesi


27/08 Mataro – Barcelona

172 km

Andrea Piccolo


28/08 Syria – Arinsal

158.5 km

Remco Evenepoel


29/08 Andorra la Vella – Tarragona

184.6 km

Remco Evenepoel


30/08 Morella – Buriana

186.2 km

Remco Evenepoel


31/08 La Vall d’Uixó – Pico del Buitre

179.4 km

Lenny Martinez


01/09 Yotel – Oliva

200.8 km

Lenny Martinez


02/09 Religion – Xorret de Catí

165 km

Seb Kos


03/09 Cartagena – Alto Caravaca de la Cruz

184.5 km

Seb Kos
Rest day 04/09


05/09 Valladolid – Valladolid

25.8 km

Seb Kos


06/09 Lerma – La Laguna Negra de Vinuesa

158.2 km

Seb Kos


07/09 Olveja – Zaragoza

149.1 km

Seb Kos


08/09 Formigal – col de tourmalet

134.7 km

Seb Kos


09/09 Sauvettere de Béarne – Puerto de Belagua

156.2 km

Seb Kos


10/09 Pamplona – Leconberry

158.3 km

Seb Kos
Rest day 11/09


12/09 Linkres – Pegues

119 km

Seb Kos


13/09 Ribadesella – Alto de Langlero

124.4 km

Seb Kos


14/09 Pola de Alande – Puerto de la Cruz de Linares

178.9 km


15/09 La Panizza – Escar

177.1 km


16/09 Real Manzanares – Guadarrama

207.8 km


17/09 Madrid – Madrid

101.1 km

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