April 21, 2024

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US Introduces Bill to Ban TikTok – IT Pro – News

Of course, this is an eternal dilemma. The eternal balance between freedom and order. Now the complete freedom on the Internet automatically means that there are people who believe anything that seems plausible to them. Then “orators” and preachers use the situation to express their beliefs. That all sounds fine and fair until you realize that someone in a certain internet circle doesn’t have differences of opinion. I believe Lubach called it the angel trap.

Critical thinking is difficult for many people. A combination of highly impressionable people, a lack of critical thinking, an inability to properly evaluate news and information and above all a lack of knowledge to realize that the person in question does not know ala Dunning Kruger, creates the internet especially with its freedom. A dangerous place.

A second risk is that people visit the Internet from a private secure environment and can work anonymously. The text is posted without any emotion or facial expressions and is often misunderstood. People make statements on the Internet that are usually shared in the living room (or content from others), not shouted in the middle of the supermarket. When you’re actually in that public environment.

It encourages polarization (someone is wrong on the internet!!) and some people take it so seriously that they set fire to telephone masts.

People who talk nonsense usually lose status. But if so much nonsense is spewed out that it cannot be verified or fact-checked, baseless nonsense becomes baseless nonsense, the status is not lost, and then the nonsense drop becomes stronger in its existence.

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Circles of influence have certainly existed for a long time, usually in the form of religion or sects, where great social pressure, the monotony of truth, a charismatic speaker, with a kind of indoctrination at a young age can lead to mono. – Social people. So 1 circle of influence, 1 truth and no ability or ability to think critically.

Stupidity is also common in traditional media. RTL still advertises a thick magnet around your water tap on Sundays. Proved to be ineffective, but still a great communicator. The average horoscope also comes with a few tarot cards.

How influential are people really? It’s time to read about genocide Rwanda. A call comes on the TV and the neighbor you just walked through 1 door is killed along with his entire family, grandparents and children.

The opposite of freedom is regulation. In the past, programs were produced by producers on television and you got news through a journalistic system. There was also a form of oversight, and not everyone had the chance or opportunity to become a journalist. This automatically ensures that those with an alternative opinion are less likely to be heard, but at the same time less affected by nonsense stories, fairy tales and other baseless garbage. Control in its extreme form is highly undesirable because it makes abuse too easy.

The balance is definitely difficult. What is serious and what is permissible. That range is of course different for everyone, which makes this discussion very difficult. Without regulation it becomes a mess, with too much regulation it becomes very unpleasant. But I think the positive contribution of social media is somewhat offset by the load of nonsense, fake news, clickbait and advertisements. My brain cells are usually dying from the clutter of Facebook and associates.

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