July 22, 2024

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US plans to increase solar power generation |  Now

US plans to increase solar power generation | Now

US President Joe Biden wants the United States to produce more solar energy in the coming years. To make this possible, Biden wants to take steps to significantly increase the production of solar panels in the United States. He has not yet introduced import tariffs on cheap panels from Southeast Asia. Said the news service Reuters

According to the IAEA, the energy agency, the United States is one of the few countries in the world where solar power generation is declining. This is because cheap panels from Asia are mostly used in the US.

Many years ago the US decided to impose an import tax on solar panels from China because they compete with US panel manufacturers. The government also recently threatened to impose tariffs on panels in various Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand. It is suspected that China made its panels in those countries in order to avoid US import duty.

Fees benefit US panel manufacturers. But for those who build American solar parks, fees are really a problem. After all, Asian panels are significantly more expensive due to taxes. Thus many projects have been stopped.

Biden has now decided not to impose tariffs on panels in Southeast Asian countries for the next two years to resume solar production. Taxes on Chinese products will continue.

The president also has plans to ensure that solar panels are made in the United States. The total production capacity is expected to reach 22.5 GW in two years. The move is aimed at reducing the country’s energy shift to dependence on foreign countries.

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