June 2, 2023

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Trump: “If we don’t do something soon, we’re headed for World War III.” Only I can stop it.”

Donald Trump is “the only presidential candidate who can save America from warmongering Democrats and callous Republicans.” The former president made the remarks Saturday at the annual conservative convention in suburban Washington. He also warned of World War III, which he says could have been prevented.

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Trump, who officially announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election last November, left nothing to be desired during his speech – which lasted an hour and 40 minutes. “We had a Republican Party led by monsters, neocons, globalists, open borders fanatics and idiots,” said the former president, who also named several of his fellow party members.

American voters are tired of living in a country with “bipartisan entrenched political dynasties, rotten special interests, China-loving politicians and endless foreign wars,” Trump said. Trump has openly rejected U.S. aid to Ukraine. “If we don’t do something soon, we’re headed for World War III. I am the only candidate who can promise to stop war.

“Criminal” Biden

Trump also called Joe Biden a “criminal” and called his administration “the most corrupt in history.” “If I’m put back in the White House, we’ll be a free country. We are no longer a free country and we have no free press. We don’t have anything free,” Trump shouted, adding that he wanted to save America from becoming a “dirty communist nightmare.”

The annual conservative conference was until recently the most important gathering of conservative leaders in the US, but it has now been completely swallowed up by Trump’s far-right “Make America Great Again” movement. This year’s edition was dominated by the nation’s most staunch Trump supporters, but avoided by many Republican leaders and potential presidential candidates.

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