March 30, 2023

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'US spy network supports Ukrainian military on the ground' |  War Ukraine

‘US spy network supports Ukrainian military on the ground’ | War Ukraine

As Russian forces continue to launch heavy artillery fire to seize eastern Ukraine, the United States and its allies are sending more aid to the besieged country. Ukrainians are supported on the ground by a network of commandos and secret agents, he said. The New York Times

Although the Biden administration had previously said it would not send US troops to Ukraine, the US newspaper reported that some CIA personnel were actually active in the capital, Kiev. Most of the work takes place outside of Ukraine, for example in military bases in Germany, France and Great Britain. At the same time, dozens of commandos from other NATO countries, including Great Britain, France, Canada and Lithuania, are said to be operating in Ukraine. They train Ukrainian troops and advise on the use of weapons and other matters The New York Times Three unnamed U.S. officials.

For example, very little is known about what CIA personnel and commandos do. But experts say that without that Western help, Ukraine would have been without a chance against Russian forces for a long time. Obtaining the latest Western weapons for Ukraine – without being hit by Russian missiles – is a particularly complex operation.

U.S. commandos will not be in the front line with Ukrainian troops, but will provide advice remotely from other parts of the country or through encrypted communications. Many Ukrainian officials have praised the highly detailed military information obtained from US military satellite images and available on special processors for the Ukrainian military. Can closely monitor the movement of enemies. Although the US government has not acknowledged that the CIA is active in Ukraine or any other country, Russians and other intelligence agencies have long known about it.

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American soldiers are engaged in exercise in Hungary. © ANP / EPA

After all, what the Ukrainians need now is advanced military training in the use of missile cannons, such as high-mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS), and other advanced weapons, said Douglas H. Snyder, former deputy director of defense intelligence. Wise said. Agency (DIA) and retired senior CIA officer. “We are talking about large-scale wars here. We are talking about the modern tank in tank battle with large forces. I can not imagine that the CIA did not train the Ukrainian comrades on how to shoot Himars.”

Biden management has so far sent several mobile multi-missile systems to Ukraine, and announced on Thursday that four are on their way. These are sophisticated weapons that the United States has so far supplied missiles capable of striking at a range of 60 kilometers in Ukraine. Pentagon officials say the initial team of 60 Ukrainian soldiers was trained to use systems and the second group is now training in Germany.

Since the beginning of 2015 this year, Pentagon officials say US Special Forces and National Guard trainers have trained more than 27,000 Ukrainian soldiers at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center near the city of Elviv in western Ukraine.

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