December 7, 2022

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Utrecht mysteries: this is why there is a space village in the gardens of Utrecht

Utrecht mysteries: this is why there is a space village in the gardens of Utrecht

In recent weeks I have spotted a kind of strange dome in various places in the city. Something you usually only encounter on Mars. Did aliens land in Utrecht or is something else going on?

The dome is the home of Mars called New Eotrig. The home of Mars is a space village where you sleep, eat and work as an astronaut. In other words, Mars-o-naut. Questions like “How do you see the future in space?” , “How are we going to brush our teeth in the future?” and “Where does our food grow?” centralization.

Visit Space Village

In New-Utreg you will discover the challenges of living in a space colony. On the one-and-a-half hour tour, you’ll walk through ten larger and smaller living units, which in both form and content could be used by the first man on Mars. See how stool turns into oxygen. Learn how to grow food and experience what it’s like to walk in a space suit.

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Mars-o-naut for a day

Don’t you want to go back to Earth yet? This is also possible! For the more adventurous visitors, there is the opportunity to stay overnight in the Space Village. Live as an astronaut and help build the city of the future. Participation It can be done via the site.

Part of Utrecht 900

The project was designed by Intergalactic Environmentalist and part of Utrecht 900. A group of thinkers and makers who combine art, design, activism and science. They are concerned with the impact of humans on Earth and strive for a new environmental consciousness that extends far beyond planet Earth. Inspirational projects will also be launched in 2023.

Until the end of October

The Space Village will be in Utrecht for two months. In June, it was found in Lunetten, named after the first moon we visited. For now you will find the Space Village in Tolsteegplantsoen, where it will remain until the end of October.

New Outrig in Beatrix Park in Lontine. Photo: Endeport Utrecht

solve the puzzle!

So, one less mystery in Utrecht! Have you been wandering around with a question for a while that you can’t find an answer to? Let’s know.

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