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Edition pajot: HERNE – visit the shops participating in HERNE Opendeurt

Edition pajot: HERNE – visit the shops participating in HERNE Opendeurt

HERNE – Visit the participating companies of HERNE Opendeurt – © Deschuyffeleer












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For the fifteenth time already, the local government has supported the establishment of an open day for local merchants. The participants were again quite satisfied with the initiative this time, but they also had to conclude that the turnout of visitors was somewhat limited for some. The fact that only 11 companies participated in the roadshow also inclined middle-class alderman Lieven Snoeks to seek an alternative format in order to be able to lend the municipal businesses a supportive promotional hand from the local government.


honey and fruit with France Vanden Bosch, one of the few producers and suppliers of locally grown natural products, collected and grown with much knowledge and respect for people, environment and animals. The famous house honey is the sign. France also does not skimp on passing on his knowledge, simply and with a smile, to other amateurs.

Crelan Herfelenings, a bank that continues to live up to its motto “Crelan is always around”. Crelan is not affiliated with the group of large banks that have agreed with the new Bancontact CASH points. Funds can still be withdrawn at all Crelan branches.

Viennese group It is and still is a family business with a passion for custom interiors. The fact that Viaene Group is considering expansion is evidenced by its purchase of one of five lots in the newly added business park in Scheibeek. If all goes according to plan, 2023 will be an eventful year for Groep Viaene.

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SKDE-Print A newcomer to the Herne Opendeurt organisation, he offers clients a comprehensive suite of design services that transform ideas from concept to reality. Printing of car stickers, blouses and T-shirts, in short, all printing and textile printing in general is a piece of cake at SKDE in the Liesbeck region.

also show Roossens cycling It is now occupied by the majority of electric two-wheeled vehicles. A classic, mechanical mountain bike that runs on pure ‘man/woman power’ must give up more and more ground for its electric-powered brothers and sisters. At Cycling Roossens, there is always something to suit everyone and everyone’s wallet.

Chocolate, sweets, and if the sun wants to join in with ice cream Choconelli Stay, crunch or no crunch, everyone’s favorite snack. The fact that they are also served with a smile and a friendly word is a plus.

characteristics Timmermans Electric Service Putting it into words is almost an impossible task in one sentence. Let’s keep pace with the times, reliable and binding. In its sales policy, the family business Timmermans maintains the view that selling is still an issue that must be viewed in the sense of sowing well in order to harvest well.

Who wants to “say it with a flower” exists Laurentia to the correct address. “Without flowers, our lives would look so dull,” Lawrence said. “A garland on the door, a vase on the windowsill, a piece on the table: a little flower in the house does wonders for the atmosphere and good mood.”

Good wine doesn’t need a wreath and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Rudy Strix from stryx wine: “An incredible amount of ink has already been poured on wine and health. And the final word on this has yet to be written. Giving advice on wine is no easy task, but it is just one aspect of our strengths.”

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Do you have friends and do not have space to stay with them? Here are the offers B&B Wisteria Then the solution: close to the NMBS station, just a few kilometers from the arts, shopping and sports centers and in an oasis of calm … service with a sincere smile.

what or what Manhof Gardens Is very diverse. The company goes beyond just maintaining gardens. Martin Mathieu: “Your garden deserves to enjoy your full attention. It is through Tweenen Manhof’s ‘dreams’ come true and ‘permanent enjoyment’ replaces ‘everyday slavery’. This company also sees its future tied to the municipal SME area of ​​Scheibeekstraat for the foreseeable future.

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October 16 2022

Godelieve Deschuyffeleer

Godelieve Deschuyffeleer