May 21, 2022

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansung presents itself with a new trailer

Despite the fact that Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is only a couple of months away from us, fans of the dark universe have many questions about what exactly it will entail. The questions NACON now answers with a new trailer and matching press release.

Starting with the setting: When mysterious attackers pursue Boston’s Camarilla, the city’s largest vampire community, leader Hazel Iversen orders three of his confidants to find out who’s weakening their ranks. Galeb Bazory is the biggest survivor of the group and can use his control to control people. At the same time, he is cunning and skilled in confrontation, proving time and time again that he can make problems … disappear.

Leysha is more of a supportive character. Her unique ability is Obfuscate, which allows her to change her shape to facilitate infiltration and erase traces of the vampire’s presence. After all, Emem is a social monster, who has close relations with almost all vampires, and therefore can go the diplomatic path more easily. Very useful if you need to gather information. And its unique ability, Celerity, amplifies these powers.

These unique abilities, as well as the skills your characters learn through their character sheets, are necessary to uncover information during investigations and during confrontations. These spoken battles require you to use all your abilities to break the enemy’s resistance so that they will willingly reveal their secrets. But don’t go overboard, because these powers make you thirsty. And as we know, you don’t make a vampire completely happy with a glass of Coke.

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But if you must feed, stick to the costume party. After all, your existence should be kept a secret.