July 20, 2024

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Vangronsveld and Somers move into a luxurious bank building

Vangronsveld and Somers move into a luxurious bank building

The popular Limburg real estate office Vestio will move from Havermarkt to the new luxury building of Mercier Van Lanschot Bank on Kolonel Dusartplein in Hasselt at the end of this year. The move to a larger building with greater visibility fits into the growth plans set by Ed Somers and Stefan Vangronsveld for Vestio.

“Unfortunately, our beautiful office in Havermarkt (now for sale or rent) no longer has any opportunities for future growth,” explains Stefan Vangronsveld from Vestio. “A few years ago, we expanded our offices to include commercial properties in the neighboring De Eenhoorn project. But unfortunately, we had also reached our limits there. It was necessary to find a solution to bring all departments, development and real estate, together under one roof. This is an absolute value-add for the direction professionalism for our clients.”

The new base will be the famous building of the Mercier Van Lanschot Bank on Kolonel Dusartplein. “I've loved the building for years, and the fact that we can now have it to shape Vestio's growth plans is really a great opportunity that we didn't want to miss,” says Ed Sommers proudly. “It feels like it was meant to be.” Vestio will now invest to make the building more sustainable.

The seller of the property, Mercier Van Lanschot, in turn passes to Gouverneur Roppesingel. “Also because of the lack of space,” says bank director Patrick Vande Kerkhove, a local Vestio owner. “In the second half of this year, we are expected to move into a building that will give us more growth and expansion opportunities. Because we are also very ambitious and driven to improve the services we provide to our customers.”

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