February 2, 2023

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Veerle Pattons after “It Melts” world premiere in US: “Emotional and grateful audience” | According to

Liz Spit’s debut novel ‘It Melts’ was a huge hit. It went over the counter no less than 200,000 times. And now there’s ‘Headmelt’ (‘When It Melts’), which had its world premiere in the US last night. Direction was at hand Veerle Pattons. According to her, it was the first time she watched a movie in a big hall with other people who knew nothing about it. “I was really nervous, but it was awesome,” says a satisfied Veerle Pattons. “The audience was very moved, in a positive way. They were passionate and asked the right questions. A very grateful audience. Blessed and intense.”

Dealing with the past

‘It’s Melting’ is about a repressed Eva who returns to her home village after years of a hot summer that got completely out of hand with a block of ice in her suitcase. She wants to deal with the past. Young Eva is played by Rosa Marchand and Charlotte de Bruyne plays the adult Eva. The film entered the main competition for non-American films at the Sundance Festival, the mecca of independent film. “That’s why the world premiere is here,” Pattons explains.

We mainly know Veerle Patens as an actress and now she is on the other side of the camera. “I started acting because I studied it, and I wanted to do that too. At first I wanted to go to RITCS (film school, ed.), but I also took the entrance exam to the conservatory. After passing it, I went there. But I have been interested in storytelling and film since childhood. I wanted to explore that side more,” it seems.

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On the other side of the camera

“It was nice not to be in front of the camera even once. As an actress you are subject to what someone thinks, as a director you are in control. You have a lot of time to think, think and make choices. Turning a 400-page book into a film is not easy, but we It took a long time to develop and a lot of people thought about it.

European premiere on February 1

A few more screenings and question sessions are planned in the US. “The reviews are good, who knows what else I’m going to do, I’m excited to do it”. A prize is one of the possibilities, “but I’m happy with how we got on and how people are reacting.”

On February 1, “It Melts” will have its European premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden. The film will be released exclusively in Belgian cinemas in October.

Source: vrtnws.be and ‘The Morning’