December 1, 2023

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Volt wants a green ‘United States of Europe’ where everyone from the age of 16 can vote

Volt wants a green ‘United States of Europe’ where everyone from the age of 16 can vote

In Volt’s manifesto, the party outlines a radically different, greener future in which vegetarianism becomes the norm and mega-stables become a thing of the past.

Hanneke Keultjes

If Volt takes control, anyone who still wants to eat meat can buy an organic steak or organic pork. These will become more expensive as Volt’s plans include taxes on meat and milk. Mega stables are banned.

This also applies to flights to London, Copenhagen or Paris. In future, all short and medium distances will have to be traveled by train. So Volt wants to invest heavily in the European rail network. Driving is discouraged and eventually only allowed in an electric or shared car.

Almost all the problems and challenges of our time, says Woldt, do not stop at national borders. The party looks to the EU to resolve and deal with this. For example, farmers should receive a ‘fair price’ for their produce through European price agreements and Volt wants a European electricity grid in which the Netherlands contributes with hydrogen and nuclear power.

Small nuclear power plants

In addition to the two power plants planned at Borssele in Zeeland, several smaller nuclear power plants are to be built in the Netherlands. Wold wants the EU to open up legal migration routes so refugees no longer have to risk their lives to cross Europe. Pleasure seekers are also welcome.

Wold wants a European constitution to be established. A federal state, modeled on the United States. Citizens should be more involved in national government, in citizens’ assemblies, but also by giving young people the right to vote from the age of 16.

Like many parties, Volt is focused on social security. For example, the social minimum should be increased. The party wants childcare for all, so that all children have an equal start. And Wold believes that three days a week should be free. According to the party, the entire free week cannot be achieved in the short term, due to staff shortages in childcare.

More holidays

If Volt has his way, there will be more holidays: The party wants to make Getty Cody (July 1 commemorating the abolition of slavery) a national day. Europe Day, on May 9, should also become a national holiday. There should also be a European broadcaster. Volt did not say in which language the channel would broadcast.

For their part, Woldt, along with the Christian Union, previously announced that the number of seats in the House of Representatives should be expanded from 150 to 250.

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