November 27, 2022

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Voys: Android version updates Voys app blocked by Google – Update – Tablets & Phones – News

The Android version of the Voys Business Dialer app has not received any updates in recent weeks, because it is blocked by Google. According to telecom provider Voys, who is also the owner of the app, the ban is unjustified.

In a Voys blog post. Writes That its dialer app does not load contact information, but rather asks users for permission to access their contacts. Vuyz himself says “nothing else about contacts”. “They stay on your phone, we don’t upload them, we just use them for the app,” the company said.

Voys claims that Google believes the app is uploading contacts without reporting it. This is the reason why Voys app updates are blocked, the company said. Vuys said he called Google and gave them an explanation, but that wouldn’t have helped. Even after removing certain features, such as caching contacts and avatars to a local file, Google will still reject the app.

Voys also sent out a demo app to show Google how the code works. The carrier notes that “the code uses open source libs, so anyone in the world can see its code, including Google”. Voys promises its customers to “continue to deliver reliable, high-performance applications” and to keep them informed of new developments. If the Voys app is removed from the Play Store, the downloaded app will continue to work, the provider says.

In response, Voys said it has been in contact with Google Netherlands and that a solution is being worked on. On Friday, it will send out a new version with a revised privacy policy and changes to “Contact List Information”. Google will investigate further into the matter on Friday.

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Update, 9:51 PM: info from Marker Added to the article.