December 6, 2023

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“What I found most difficult was that Eric would sometimes ask questions about my work that I didn’t want to answer.”

“What I found most difficult was that Eric would sometimes ask questions about my work that I didn’t want to answer.”

Your gynecologist Comfort Achu (‘just say ‘Commi’) may try to restore the tarnished honor of previous moles in The smartest person in the world: Jill Van Boel She was crowned the grand winner in 2016, but Alina Churikova was knocked out in her first episode three years ago. Come on, Comey, give the citizen some courage.

We like Janssen

Comfort “Commy” Achuo: “Sorry, but I honestly don’t think I have a chance of becoming the smartest person in the world.” (This interview took place before she entered the game, editor.)“.

In this case: Thanks for the conversation.

(He laughs) “I’m afraid I’m a professional fool: I know a lot about gynecology, but that’s it. After the café test, I had planned to improve my knowledge of politics and watch some movies, but nothing came of it. Because of the hustle and bustle, but especially because of my procrastination.

Eric Van Looy has a habit of personally contacting people on his wish list in the run-up to the new season. Did you get a call from him too?

“Yes! I knew there was a chance I would be voted out, because it’s right after the final the mole A Play4 press representative told me that a mole is often required The smartest person. But I was still amazed when suddenly a few weeks later I received a phone call from Eric Van Looy himself. I’m just an ordinary person, right? He asked: Don’t you want to come and test the café? You’ll see, it’ll be fun. I’m someone who says yes often in life, so: I said yes (He laughs). “I’m happy, because it was fun.”

What should I think about this café test? A room full of famous Flemish people hoping to be chosen?

“Yes. The problem was: I rarely watch TV, so the two girls I auditioned with – I now know that one of them is an MNM presenter, and the other is an MNM actress.” family – I did not know. And with them I had to pretend that we existed The smartest person We were sitting down – Eric asked questions too. When I was told after a while that I had been selected, I had some doubts. Not only because I wondered if I could organize it through work, but mainly because I was afraid of making a fool of myself in front of all the Flanders watching me.

A little test, like a test?

“No! Not again!” (He laughs)”

Who is the first presenter of the mole?

“Was that Bart De Pauw? Oh no, wait, I know: Michel DeFlieger.

correct. Who was the first presenter of The smartest person?

“Oh! Hasn’t Eric Van Looy been doing this for 21 years?

no. He was one of the contestants in the first season.

“TRUE? (Believes) No, I give up.”

One in two. It was Bruno Wendel.

“Ah. Yes, I’ve heard that name before, but I have no idea who he is. Before my time, huh? When we were in the student room, we always looked at her.” The smartest personBut then Eric actually introduced it.