April 22, 2024

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Google I/O 2022: welke nieuwe dingen kunnen we dit jaar verwachten?

What new things can we expect this year?

On Wednesday it’s time again for the annual Google I/O launch event. We expect many new products and services during the 2022 edition of the Google event. But what exactly can we expect?

Google I/O 2022 forecast

Tomorrow, May 11, is the day Google organizes a new event; Google I/O 2022. During this developer conference, new products are usually shown to the public. In addition, since it is already intended for developers, there is a lot of interest in the program and background information. But what can we expect at this year’s Google I/O conference? We list the expected highlights.

pixel clock

Recently, a lot of information about the first smartwatch from Google has leaked. It’s about the Pixel Watch already modeled, among other things In a restaurant surfaced. The watch will have a round design with a physical crown button on the side. Of course, the watch runs Wear OS, and Google is rumored to announce a new version of Wear OS. It will then be Wear OS 3.1 which will have deep integration (er) with the Fitbit app.

Pixel 6 A

A third model in the Pixel 6 series may also be released as Pixel 6a phone† This cheaper model should have its own Tensor chipset, as we also know from the Pixel 6. According to rumors, the design is very similar to that of the Pixel 6. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro† However, a different camera device will be selected, which naturally reflects the price difference. It remains to be seen if this device will reach the Netherlands and Belgium, as the Pixel devices have not been officially released here yet. frankly; We don’t expect this to change with the Pixel 6a.

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View Google Pixel 6a

Pixel Buds Pro

The third product we’ve seen things that have appeared in rumors before is the Pixel Buds Pro. This is a new set of wireless earbuds, in the somewhat more expensive segment, which are of course equipped with active noise cancellation. Whether the Pixel Buds Pro will actually come remains to be seen. I haven’t heard much information about color. Pixel Buds Pro will be released in Real Red, Limoncello, Carbon and Fog colors.

Android 13

More messages are spinning. For example, Google may come up with more details about it Android 13† There is a possibility that the second beta of Android 13 will be announced, and only some new functions may be introduced. with the Android version 13 Changes were not immediately noticeable. We’ll hear on Wednesday if they’ll arrive.

other products

The internet is full of rumors, as well as new things that Google might bring. For example, one source talks about the return of Google Wallet. With this application, you can, for example, collect loyalty cards, tickets (concert) and discount cards. An app that was previously removed from the field by Google. Now a return is possible after all. Apple already offers a similar option on its iPhone models.

There is also talk of a Google Nest Hub with a detachable screen, so you can use it as a kind of tablet. Additionally, the Pixel Notepad name pops up; Pixel foldable smartphone. It’s unclear if all of these products will be on display on Wednesday.