December 6, 2022

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WhatsApp is working on the option to change text messages – IT Pro – News

WhatsApp is currently working on the ability for users to customize the text messages sent. At least, that’s what WABetaInfo claims. The website may be based on information from a beta version of WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo appears Screenshot showing the customization function for already sent messages. The website thinks there will likely be no customization history feature, so users won’t be able to view previous versions of custom posts. According to WABetaInfo, the mod option is currently in development, so it is possible that this functionality will become available after all. It is currently not clear how long users will have to edit sent messages.

The website believes this will be the messaging app’s next big new feature, although much remains unclear. The screenshot was taken from the WhatsApp beta for Android, but according to WABetaInfo, the editing feature is also in development for iOS and desktop. It is currently unknown if and when this feature will actually be available to beta testers.

Generally, WABetaInfo extracts information from beta versions of WhatsApp. In recent years, the site has provided early notices several times about new features in WhatsApp. This time WhatsApp did not respond to the possibility that the option to customize text messages had arrived in this case. WABetaInfo indicates That WhatsApp already had plans to develop such a function more than five years ago, but that was not followed at that time.

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