March 4, 2024

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Where does the fairy tale Club Brugge end?  "Possible against the No. 2 in the next round, as long as it's not Barcelona or the England national team" |  sports

Where does the fairy tale Club Brugge end? “Possible against the No. 2 in the next round, as long as it’s not Barcelona or the England national team” | sports

Champions LeagueWhere does this fairy tale of Club Brugge end in the Champions League? After four confirmed matches already from the eighth final thanks to 10 out of 12. After four clean sheets in a row, the only team (!) that has not conceded so far in the Champions Ball. Analysts Marc Degryse and Jan Mulder have already studied some possibilities in the VTM studio.


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“It all depends on the draw, of course. If you are unlucky that FC Barcelona is second in its group (Barcelona flirts with a home exit against Inter And he is currently the third, edition), then of course it will be a different story”, says analyst Mark Degres at VTM studio. But against Leipzig for example, they can handle a team like the likely winner of this group this season. Chelsea or Tottenham? That would be more Difficulty. Against an English team, it’s difficult. But against the other teams that will take second place, they definitely have a chance.”

“Six weeks before the start of the World Cup, it seemed dark to some demons”

Last week they were still at the base at Jan Breedel, but last night Diego Simeone left Yannick Carrasco and Axel Witsel off the bench. Six weeks before the World Cup kicks off in Qatar, this is once again not happy news for the Red Devils.

Carrasco is now more on the bench and was pale in Brugge last week, but until today Witsel was a semi-auto player in one of Argentina’s T1 Championship matches. With the matches being particularly fast, this doesn’t have to be a disaster, but it’s not a sign of confidence towards Witsel. With Courtois and Lukaku still in the basket, Eden Hazard who can’t take advantage of his few playing minutes and De Kittelari and Meunier for a while, the Red Devils don’t have days. “De Bruyne will soon find it difficult to do it alone in Qatar?” Here’s what presenter Martin Brix suggests in the VTM studio before the start of the Atlético Club.

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Jan Mulder: “A lot of the Red Devils still look dark.” Associate analyst Mark Degres notes that there are still six weeks left before the World Cup kicks off. “Maybe it would be better that they are out now more than a week before the World Cup. But of course that won’t make you happy. Certainly for Lukaku, time is running out.”

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