April 17, 2024

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“Why Can't You Handle Criticism?”: The First Argument Throws a Wrench in Reggie and Krystle's Actions in 'Reggie Gets Married' |  television

“Why Can't You Handle Criticism?”: The First Argument Throws a Wrench in Reggie and Krystle's Actions in 'Reggie Gets Married' | television

televisionThe path to the altar is not without struggle for Reggie Pinkston (47 years old) and Krystle Hubeny (35 years old). A somewhat reckless trip to the wedding chef ends in the first argument between the bride and groom. “I'll never drive again.” “Make your plan,” Krystle looks stubborn, an answer Reggie doesn't take well. “Can't I even say anything more about that?”

It's undoubtedly a familiar scene for many couples: the one taking the lead has to deal with the other's criticism for every mishap. This can really blow things up. In the latest episode of “Reggie Gets Married,” Reggie and Krystle prepare to go to New Zealand to get a taste of what will be served to them on their wedding day. Reggie is not feeling well, so Krystle sacrifices herself to get them safely to their location in a rental car. However, that's not how the DJ describes the trip.

Reggie grabs the handle in panic as Krystle drives over the safety hill at full speed. “Don't you see that or what?” His reaction was complete surprise. Fortunately, his girlfriend still sees the fun in it, but it doesn't last long. The smile instantly disappears from Krystle's face when less than a minute later she bounces off the curb when parking the car. “Oh dear!” “That's 1,500 euros, and I didn't take out that insurance,” Reggie exclaimed.

Reggie and Krystle in the movie Reggie Gets Married © VTM

The first terrifying battle

Krystle remains in denial for a few moments before she is forced to face the fact that the car is actually damaged. Both the rim and the spoiler should depend on her parking skills. “That's what the ledge is for,” Krystle frowned. Reggie immediately takes a softer tone when he realizes how much the atmosphere has changed, but the damage has already been done.

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“I'll never drive again.” “Make your plan,” Krystle decides, much to Reggie's dismay. “Why can't you handle criticism?” he snaps. “I don't mind at all, but I can say so, right? The tension is palpable and Krystle has completely lost her appetite. Reggie wants to make amends immediately, while the incident still haunts her. “Is this our first fight now?”

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