February 5, 2023

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Why is everyone in love with Jonathan Bailey

Why is everyone in love with Jonathan Bailey

Who thought they fell in love Reggie Jean Paige, hasn’t seen Bridgerton 2 yet. Where Anthony Bridgerton dipped in season one alongside the Duke of Hastings, in season two comes his beauty (read: Thrilling) made much better.

With his short sideburns, Milord Bridgerton suddenly became extremely sexy. We ended up on his Instagram account and found out that this actor is more handsome in real life. How is that possible?

Jonathan Bailey of Bridgerton

Jonathan Bailey plays Anthony Bridgeton in the series of the same name. He already won a prominent role in the first season, but in the second season the whole story revolves around him. We are very happy about it because it is such a pleasure to watch. Especially now that he visited the barber so often and replaced his long sideburns with a clean haircut. We like.

But why exactly?

Well, it is not difficult to explain. These pictures will make it clearer. Milord Bridgerton, let’s call him Jonathan from now on, is way more handsome in real life. Especially now that we know he traded his sideburns for straw:

Jonathan loves fashion and – as far as we can tell – dresses that fit every day. He regularly appears on the cover of famous fashion magazines.

Oh, and while the best man in the series prefers to travel on horseback, in real life he’s a fan of surfing. We also find this all very exciting. There’s no turning around: The Duke of Hastings has gained a real contender.

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Did you know that Jonathan Bailey (aka Anthony Bridgerton) was pretty hot in real life?