November 29, 2023

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Will all solar panel and reverse meter owners pay extra fees soon?  |  Energy prices

Will all solar panel and reverse meter owners pay extra fees soon? | Energy prices

Mining energyStarting January 1, Ecopower will collect the costs from solar panel and inverter analog meter owners. The cooperative energy supplier expects other players to also follow the same “logical development”. I checked whether this prediction was correct and asked the largest energy suppliers whether consumers without a digital meter would soon have to pay more.

Written by Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie


Fixed compensation for solar panel and reverse meter owners is not new. Energy company Mega started the project in September 2022. Trevion and Octa+ also followed. TotalEnergies announced the introduction of new contracts from 1 April 2023, but canceled them shortly afterwards. He adds now Environmental energy So join the list.

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Real costs are not reflected

As an illustration, Citizen Cooperative refers to the price difference between the injection and the purchase. “When people pump electricity, market prices are generally low because there is a large supply of solar energy,” says the Ecopower website. “When they buy electricity, the cost is higher due to higher demand and lower supply. The analog meter turns back and looks at net energy consumption on an annual basis, without taking into account the moment of injection or consumption. The bill does not reflect actual costs.”

“There were market agreements with all suppliers until the end of 2023. This distributed the costs to all Belgian customers. From 2024, this will no longer be the case and we will pass on the costs. We also expect this logical development from other suppliers.

Is it still beneficial to postpone digital meter installation?
We review the facts here.

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Will other energy suppliers follow?

Market guide Engy It states that introducing such costs is not yet an option. “If that changes, we will talk about it in due course,” she added.

Eniko Let us know that we are reviewing and monitoring the situation.

Luminous It states that such plans are not on the agenda: “We do not intend to collect a lump sum from owners of inverse meter solar panels.”

Finally he points Total energies Change it, of course. “We have already communicated that we will charge new customers with a reverse meter from April 2023. We have never thought of charging existing customers. The reasons why we have not implemented compensation are simple: there are more and more digital meters in operation, which reduces the management costs of maintaining “On the balance in the grid. In addition, as a company, we strongly believe in the energy transition. We want to support customers who have invested in solar panels. I cannot answer the question of whether we will never demand compensation. It is not a problem at the moment.”

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Research market agreements

According to Solar Magazine, Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) is asking the Flemish energy regulator VREG to conduct an investigation into market agreements between energy suppliers regarding customers with an inverter meter and solar panels. “These market agreements affect supplier costs with customers who have an inverter meter, and therefore indirectly affect supplier prices for customers with and without solar panels,” she says.

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Which energy suppliers actually charge extra?

Current costs on an annual basis (for installation with 4 kVA inverter capacity):
• Mega: 144 euros.
• Octa+: 381.60 euros.
• Trevion: 60.96 euros.
• Environmental energy: 168 euros.


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