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Will Peter Evrard return with a surprise performance in Kastaars!?  “I'm not jealous of Natalia or Wim Sutter” |  Tenants

Will Peter Evrard return with a surprise performance in Kastaars!? “I'm not jealous of Natalia or Wim Sutter” | Tenants

televisionBig surprise during the musical tribute to Quinn Waters at the Kastaars show! Last weekend. Peter Evrard, 49, the first “Idol” winner, was on stage next to Natalia and Wim Soutaer, his fellow “Idol” finalists. He usually prefers to stay out of the limelight, but he was happy to make an exception for Quinn. “And I'm writing a lot of new songs.”

With many of Clouzot's songs in new form, Peter Evrard, together with Laura Tesoro, Natalia and Wim Sutter, paid tribute to Quinn Waters to celebrate the 35th anniversary of his career. “I agreed immediately. It's always nice to surprise someone and put them in the spotlight. It seems like we're playing a major role in his career,” Peter replies. “Award shows are like Kastaars! And Mias is a boost to everyone who works in the entertainment industry before and behind the scenes. This sector really needs appreciation as well as commercial success. “Quinn has already had a rich career, so he definitely deserves this award, but this certainly does not mean the end of his career.”

I don't really need to be in the spotlight

Peter Evrard, winner of “Idol 2003”

Peter usually chooses not to be in the limelight and now remains very modest about his television appearances. “I just did my job. Being on TV is nothing special for me, I stay very quiet about it,” says Peter. “I don’t really need to be in the spotlight, only when I release new music or when I can Please someone else. Some businesses go that route, and that's their right, but promoting myself is not my thing.”

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Peter Evrard with presenter Quinn Waters and Natalia in a movie
Peter Evrard with presenter Quinn Waters and Natalia in the movie “Idool 2003”. © Belga

He left a rock band

Can we expect new music from Peter soon? “I'm writing a lot of new songs, but I don't know yet if I'll release them under my own name. Maybe I'll write these for other artists. I'm not at all interested in making a musical comeback. The world of the entertainment industry is fickle. In October, I left my band 10 Rogue. We split by agreement. Mutual: If you have a different vision, you have to take new paths.

The standard music circuit is not for me

Peter Evrard, winner of “Idol 2003”

Although he won the first edition of the VTM talent show “Idool” in 2003, Peter can no longer make a living from music alone. Is he jealous of Natalia and Wim Sutter's successful careers? “Not at all. I'm not happy with the standard 'straight to tape' music circuit, even though it brings in more income. I do as little as possible against my will. Performing with a band gives me more satisfaction. But I also have a family of three children : Vincent (24), Anton (23), and Kato (18). Moreover, I really enjoy my work as an IT professional at CM.com.

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Peter Evrard in a movie
Peter Evrard in the movie “Idol 2003”. © FTM

Winning is relative

Striking: 20 years after his “Idol” win, Peter still has the same look: a rocker with long hair. “That's a good business sense, isn't it?” he laughs. “No, that's just the way it is. Why should I change my hairstyle? It doesn't bother me. But I wouldn't rule out cutting my long hair one day… You know, after all these years I still find it funny and questionable that I won an award.” “Idol”. This first place was just a side issue for me. Winning such a singing competition is still a relative matter.”

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“Seeing Natalia and Wim again is always very interesting and exciting,” he concludes. “But we see each other very little. After introducing the kastarr, I immediately left for home. I especially wanted to drive home sober. (He laughs) To outsiders, BV cars may be special, but to me they are just ordinary people. A few weeks ago I had seen Quinn Waters. Then we just talk about our children and other private matters.

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