June 17, 2024

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Will Smith's popularity has been hit hard by the Oscar accident |  Famous People

Will Smith’s popularity has been hit hard by the Oscar accident | Famous People

Famous PeopleWill Smith, 53, was not spared the Oscar riot at the end of March. The actor then hit co-star Chris Rock (57) during the party after he joked about his wife Jada (50). According to Variety, the Hollywood star’s popularity has since plummeted.

The magazine calls the so-called Q-Score, which is the biannual industry standard for measuring celebrity popularity. Smith has fallen from 39 to 24 since the accident, according to results for the first half of 2022. This means that only 24 percent of those surveyed chose the actor as one of their favorite stars. As a result, Smith no longer appears in the top ten list of Hollywood’s most famous greats, while he used to position himself at the very top. At the same time, the Oscar winner is increasingly noted in the list of “actors you don’t like”: his score has risen from 10 to 26. Wife Jada Pinkett Smith is also involved in the hit: her Q score drops from 13 to 6. Chris Rock’s characters remain, Who had to take the blow from Will, on the other hand, is stable.

“It’s really about big discounts,” says one researcher at Variety. The analysis was conducted in July, about four months after the accident, which, according to the magazine, shows that the blow remains for a long time. “Although the numbers are not as bad as other stars who have made alleged gaffes in the past,” the researcher adds. “I think of golfer Tiger Woods when he confessed to his years of infidelity.”

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Since then, Smith has apologized several times for the incident. The Oscar organization banned the actor from the award ceremony for ten years after the accident.

Rewatch the incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock here:

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