December 8, 2023

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Will the corruption scandal in the European Union take a new turn?  Belgium spies on MPs |  internal

Will the corruption scandal in the European Union take a new turn? Belgium spies on MPs | internal

Eva Kayley, former vice-president of the European Parliament and accused in the Qatargate scandal, makes a fascinating new allegation. In an investigation of corruption within the European Union, she could have been targeted because she knew too much about government espionage.

Kylie shared her new theory with several European media outlets this weekend. She declared her innocence and said that she had never allowed herself to be bribed by countries such as Qatar and Morocco, which, according to the investigation, tried to influence decision-making in the European Parliament.

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Instead, it released a new story, even darker than the allegations in the Qatargate scandal. She hinted in some interviews this weekend that her detention may be politically motivated. Because it was part of an investigation into the illegal use of Pegasus spyware in Europe, she says, it has become a target for European governments, which, according to Kylie, are spying on MEPs themselves.

We believe that Morocco, Spain, France and Belgium are spying on the European Parliament Committee

Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament

“From the court file, my lawyers discovered that the Belgian intelligence service allegedly monitored the activities of members of the Pegasus Special Committee,” she told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. “The fact that secret services are spying on elected representatives should raise more concerns about the health of our European democracy,” she added. I think this is the real scandal.

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In a video interview with the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, she continues to hint. Kylie’s legal team will have evidence that the entire Pegasus Commission is being illegally monitored. We believe that Morocco, Spain, France and Belgium are spying on the European Parliament Committee. These claims have not been supported by public evidence.

Meanwhile, the Belgian Public Prosecutor’s Office has decided not to comment on Kylie’s allegations. A spokesman for the prosecution said on Monday that the public prosecutor’s office “will not respond” because “it would violate the confidentiality of the investigation and the presumption of innocence.” “Where appropriate, evidence will be presented in court,” the spokesperson said.

No country gave me money, not even Russia

Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament

Eva Kylie was arrested in December after Belgian police found €150,000 in cash in her apartment, as well as a bag full of money that her father had kept. According to her arrest warrant, Kylie was suspected of being the main organizer or co-organizer of public corruption and money laundering. She exchanged prison for an ankle bracelet in March, but was also allowed to leave it at the end of May.

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However, on her European “media tour”, Kylie has repeatedly declared her innocence. No country gave me money and I never took a bribe. Not even Russia, as it was alleged,” she told El Mundo. “My lawyer and I believe this was a police operation based on false evidence.”

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Kaili’s new story has caused a great deal of disbelief, including among her colleagues on the Pegasus Committee. “I have absolutely no reason to believe that the Belgian intelligence services have spied on PEGA (committee, ed.),” answers Dutch MP Sophie in ‘t Veld. “Everything we do is public anyway. And we check our phones regularly, and it doesn’t make any sense at all.”

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