December 7, 2022

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Will the joke solve our minds?  Porsche win, avoid goats |  The best thing on the web

Will the joke solve our minds? Porsche win, avoid goats | The best thing on the web

Are you ready for a fun weekend? Then it can’t hurt to put your mind to the test with a relaxing puzzle. This time you can try to win a luxury car in a game program with a healthy dose of logic.

Customization: Welcome to the TV show All or Nothing, where you and your buddy Nils can buy a glamorous Porsche. Three doors shine on the podium. Behind one copy the car. Behind the second door are the car keys waiting for you. And behind the third door hiding a goat. You have no idea which door is behind what, so the chance of choosing your favorite item is one in three.

Niels is the first to get on stage. He may open two doors and then close them again. He is then taken off the platform again and has to wait in a small room.

Then it was your turn. You are also asked to open two doors.

If Nils opens the car door and you unlock the door with the car keys, you can keep the Porsche. In all other scenarios, you have to go home empty-handed.

You have ten minutes to come up with the best strategy. How do you deal with that? Just to be clear: Porsche, car keys and goats stay behind the same door all the time. And when Nils opens his doors, you can’t see what’s going on.

If both of you open two doors by chance, the chances of finding the car keys are two out of three. The same goes for Nils with the car. The success rate for effectively winning a Porsche is 44 percent (2/3 x 2/3 = 4/9 = 44%).

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However, there is a way to make the success rate higher than 50 percent. Can you think of how? You can find the solution by scrolling down.

The solution: We are talking about doors 1, 2 and 3. Niels can unlock number 1 first. If the car or the car keys are behind it, he may unlock number 2. If the goats are hidden behind door 1, they will open number 3.

After that you open door 2. If you find the car or the car keys, also open door 1. If it is a goat, open door 3.

Below you will find the six possible combinations with the car (W), the keys to the car (A) and the goat (G).

In bold are the scenarios where Nils takes the car and you take the keys. This occurs in four out of six cases, so that the success rate is 66%. The principle is based on the so-called “three-door problem”. The issue can be seen as a paradox: there is no logical contradiction, but for many people the result goes against their intuition.