December 8, 2023

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State of play

Will we get a new state of play in February? • Nation of Games

There are rumors that Sony will be releasing a new Game State next month.

At least, that’s if we’re to believe two Twitter accounts that previously made correct predictions. AccountNGT tweets we can expect from Sony early this year. His Star Wars Eclipse account leaked early, so this might be a fairly reliable thing.

Tom Henderson – known for several leaks last year – also tweeted about it. He’s been more specific: He said it’s going to be in February and it could be the biggest case of play ever.

As always, we say we should treat these types of rumors with caution. There’s a chance we can expect State of the Play from Sony early this year.

It wouldn’t be crazy if it was in February, seen This month’s Triple A edition quantity. In addition, many fans are eagerly awaiting the smallest amount of information about Hogwarts Legacy, the Harry Potter title from Avalanche Studios released in November 2020 announced. In addition, major titles such as God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon: Forbidden West will appear on PlayStation. too recently PSVR2 announcedWhich, of course, also scores high. Anyway, we can expect a lot more from Sony in 2022!

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What do you think, can we expect the state of play in February? Anyway, I look forward to it!