March 28, 2023

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Willie Somers Changes His Iconic Car Plate: ‘We Start A New Chapter’ | BV

BVLike the famous Willy Sommers of the Flemish music scene, his car is iconic on Flemish roads. With his personal “WSOMMERS” number plate, Willie has traveled all over the country for the past three years. But that is changing now. Because Willy has a new car. Cool: He got it from Tanja Dexters.


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Willie Somers drove the car for three years in a WSOMMERS-numbered Hyundai. And with this, the singer got a lot of attention. He once told Vanity Plates: “Everywhere I go, fans take pictures of my car. On the highway they drive by to see if it’s me. And when I’m in private parking, they crawl under a fence or barrier to be able to take a picture with the number plate.” “.

Due to its huge success, an Instagram page was dedicated to the car called “auto.willysommers”. On the page, his fans can share any pictures they take of his car. For example, Camille Dhont once took a picture with the car. But where he was standing next to Romeo was also caught on camera.

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But all good songs must come to an end. Then – in the case of Willie Somers – another beautiful song begins. Willy entered into a new agreement with garage Peters of Hernthals. That’s what his manager, Elijah Byers, tells us. The owner of this garage is none other than Michael Peters, boyfriend of Tanya Dexters. Willy knows Tanya and that’s how he also got to know Michael. When they were talking to each other, Michael once suggested, “If she needs a new car, we’d love to sponsor her.”

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And so he said, I did it. Because from now on, Willy will drive around with the number plate “SOMMERS” instead of “WSOMMERS”. Why change the record? “A garage applies to a number plate and a new garage can’t apply to the same garage, because it’s already there,” explains Principal Byers. But don’t worry, because the Instagram page will continue to exist.

Check out the new Willy here:

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“WSOMMERS” (left) and “SOMMERS” (right). © Instagram / VTM