December 8, 2023

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King Charles fires the Queen’s favorite aide: ‘He simply doesn’t want to live next to her’ |  Property

King Charles fires the Queen’s favorite aide: ‘He simply doesn’t want to live next to her’ | Property

PropertyKing Charles, 74, has forced out Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite aide after the death of his mother, according to a new book about the British royal family. Angela Kelly (65 years old) thought that after the death of her “best friend” she would be allowed to continue living in a cottage in Windsor Park, but it turned out that this was not calculated on Charles.

Angela Kelly, who started The Queen’s Tailor in 1994, has been responsible for her clothing, jewelry and logos. Angela’s role has expanded over the years, and according to Valentine Law’s book “Courtiers,” no one outside of the Queen’s immediate family was as close to the Queen as she was. Angela, who saw herself as Queen Elizabeth’s “caretaker”, even had a room on the same floor as the Queen’s private apartments in Windsor Castle’s Augusta Tower.


Normally, staff who have worked with the royal family for a long time are given a home on the royal estate as a form of recognition. This is also known as “grace and favour” or “grace and favour”. A few days after the Queen’s death, it became clear that Angela – who lived in a cottage in Windsor Park – would not be given this privilege, despite her loyalty to the royal family.

King Charles wanted to buy Angela’s home near Sheffield to bring her closer to her grandchildren. Eventually she was assigned a home in the Peak District, a little away from Sheffield. Charles allowed her to live there for life. If she died, the estate would revert to the royal family. An insider told the clerk Lu that King didn’t want to make the former personal assistant homeless, he simply didn’t want to live next door to her.

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Crown from the Queen’s Private Collection

Although Kelly had a close relationship with the Queen, she was also a controversial figure in the palace. It was discredited during preparations for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018. Prince Harry claimed in his memoir “Reserve” that Angela Kelly tried to stop Meghan from wearing the tiara she originally chose from her private collection. This claim is also made in Robert Lacey’s book “The Battle of the Brothers”. He wrote that Prince Harry was furious when Kylie told the royal bride she could not borrow the tiara she wanted.

look. This was the wedding of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

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